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Hello m'Managerians !
What do you think m'Manager 2.0 should be ? What features SHOULD or MUST be implemented right now ! Request or Vote here



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  • Hi, No, this may be confusing with a large store and multiple currencies. The only option is to set customer currency. Customer can switch currency in dashboard
  • Hi @Thanushka First navigate to app settings, manage modules and enable « users can change currency ». Then, while adding or editing a user apply the currency. The app keeps your default currency for computations and converts amounts to customer’s …
  • Hi, This feature is implemented and is now closed.
  • Hi, This request is added to 2.2.4 focused on improving data tables speed. It will be released soon. I mark it as closed Thanks Eric
  • Hi, Thanks for your input. Will be added to next release. Eric
  • Hi @sneakTom , Thanks, I have sent you credentials for test. Let me know. Eric
  • Hi @sneakTom , Thanks for posting here. This is a nice feature we can implement. Let's sum up current behavior and see what fits your business logic: 1) About clients - You can record a client: long and short forms. - If Password field is not empt…
  • ah ok nice. is possible to make the js code at proforma to work with lot number we made? At first, the product is ok. When you add more it brakes the line. You told me that you forget something at js. Thanks Jesus, I just forgot to answer. Sorry…
  • Hi, yes i am fine. And hope you too. If you are not read to invoice, use proforma option. As the system generates automatic recurring invoices, this is lot of computation to hold numbers for drafts invoices. This could cause number collusion. At any…
  • The 0000 does not have any consequences. You should read the helper text. This is for precision on compute when dealing with price like 9.99 etc. Final pdf displays 2 digits, if not just surround your amount with floatvalue(...) Don’t remove the pay…
  • If you really need to display that value use amount_due variable. But be careful with tax. If client has 900, tax must apply on 900 before credit.
  • Yes, this is the logic. It is fine if no tax applied. The app does the same. Just look the amounts when you create the invoice. The pdf just hide the 800 and displays raw values. When customer pays, final pdf shows 100 and 800 remaining.
  • Just checked, all fine. Paid invoice shows 800. No need to split payments Thanks for reporting, I will add option for people who may need to show remaining amount line.
  • Oh, I don't know if I understand your question, but line subtotal MUST take into account all discounts so that one can sum up results without having to redo maths. So qty 1000; price 1 = 1000 -100 = 900 Discount sum shown is for information. Becaus…
  • Hi, Ok will look. I probably forgot to update the js. As it uses array keys, adding a new row causes index to be wrong. Are my ftp access available ?
  • Are you here
  • ok, i am here
  • Just saw your coffee. Thanks mate.
  • Hi @choulio19 , Sorry for the delay. All views files are under themes/modules/ folders. Your template is invoice_tpl_4.php, quote_tpl_4.php etc
  • The guy who helped me for greek is so busy that language file is not up to date. I learnt greek, but not enough to translate all strings. The easiest solution is to open the template file and write on the html file. all templates are in themes/darkb…
  • Hi, Yes, you did not read informations on refund page. When you make a credit note, m'Manager copies the whole invoice to refund tab but does not anything as it can't know if you refund for a specific item. So you have to open the credit note and do…
  • Added Lot number to invoice pdf for layout 4. This is a html layout people love because easy to edit. So use this one, tcpdf option for layout 1 is harder to edit.
  • Current version is mature and no issue has been reported for a while. Symfony will be a new app. I won't be done for months. Stay tuned
  • You did not do it the right way. You entered tax for additional taxes. In some countries, additional tax apply after or before vat. This is set on Additional tax tab and available only on invoice page, when you create new or edit - you can add tax…
  • Hi @choulio19 , Just finished to add this feature to Invoice and Quote. All seem to be working great. Template files are prepared for Order but not implemented yet. As this causes lot of changes in views, business logic and database, I strongly ad…
  • I remove your previous message, because it exposes your anydesk ID. All migration was done, but the warning on oc_purchases cause issue adding this ADD `repair_number` VARCHAR(20) DEFAULT NULL, So if you reinstall the system, just run this in sql ta…
  • Hi @choulio19 , Ok, as I promised to help, I will install a separate branch and add it this afternoon. You will need to add this template in theme custom folder so updates won't break it. I will tell you how
  • Hi @choulio19 , As you are starting fresh, maybe will be better to fix initial issue. Clear your browser cache, then remove your database tables. there is a constraint on invoices and purchases. So, select and delete all will not remove them. This i…
  • You don't need anything else. Just clear the password field and let empty while adding a client. By default the system autofield the password


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