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Hello m'Managerians !
What do you think m'Manager 2.0 should be ? What features SHOULD or MUST be implemented right now ! Request or Vote here



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  • This is a status used on Mollie or Stripe payment gateway if I remember. This is to say invoice is not paid yet, so you can use Unpaid in m'Manager, instead of 'Opened'. I added these statuses so people are not confused and to manage status changes …
  • Problem is the data structure. Systems don’t have the same logic. I can’t guess the way they handle invoices items etc. What system did you use ?
  • Ok. Can you send me one or two demo name so I test ? Thanks
  • Hi, You can do it with phpmyadmin. Click on oc_invoices, then operation tab and set auto increment to the current invoice number. Example : 455. The next invoice number will be 456. Thanks
  • Hi, can you try this fix ? Open application>helpers>mm_standalone_helper.php and paste this code à the end of the file if ( ! function_exists('replcSpecChar')) { function replcSpecChar($string){ $string = str_replace("æ", "æ", $…
  • OK. No worries then. It was only my test data I wanted to remove, but I can do that from the database later, I guess, when I go live with the mmanager. Yes for sure. This is the only option to manipulate data. You can remove db and use the insta…
  • Yes, this is a bootstrap table plugin and I did not look in depth. Maybe add option to save on computer cookies hidden fields.
  • Hum, you seem to be right. but this is because this buttom has to be removed because any paid data must remain in the system. If not people can add and delete data, this is illegal.
  • , a better way is to select in settings Custom theme, then copy the invoice views folder to theme custom folder then remove in index.phtml page the columns you don't want to see. Let me know if you need a live session to make this change
  • Hi, Thanks for posting here. I will try to reproduce the issue. Stay tuned
  • Hi @didotadv , You can't, because it is illegal in all countries to delete, renumber invoices. Your only option is phpmyadmin. You remove the invoice and update autoincrement value. If you have made the invoice paid, you need other changes in trans…
  • Hi @feo, thanks for your input. I will look how to add such options.
  • Hi, Cool. Yes I started the project with ion auth ready to use login management and it seems to be abandoned. I will rewrite it when I have more time. I was preparing a surprise as I think you have a repair business. Isn’t it ? Stay tuned. I will ha…
  • Hi mate, thanks for reporting this issue. You can fix it for now by editing the else portion in modules/users/controllers/Auth.php Locate the reset_password function and remove code after // do we have a valid request? then extract all the else co…
  • Well, I thought the same. however, invoice should not be reported if possible, just to avoid misunderstandings between me and my customers Hi, Ok I will build a new pdf layout without price and other data. But this won't be saved in database
  • Eric, I've just seen the new features. very good job! about time tracking, if possibile, what about just print-out a list of jobs done, without the invoice? With some customers I do have a monthly flat-rate deal and I don't need to send invoice, ju…
  • Hi, Started linking to database. Lot of code to write but on its way. create and open a ticket to see starting point. Will continue tomorrow :-)
  • Hi, they are here. When you click on create asset. They did a great job. I am doing the same. When the basic informations are saved, a new page appears with Question/Answers Pre/after repair where all other informations are available. This way you d…
  • Hi there, Work in progress, play with new option and fields. Not done yet, but...not so bad, calendar, appoitment etc... :-) You may need to clear your browser to see js interaction to hide/display fields.…
  • well, Eric, about the coffee... to be honest, I'm not using your script because my accountant gave me her's for free. anyway I purchased one year assistance when I purchased your script... Hi @area97 , Oh it does not matter. This was a nice featur…
  • Hum, a clean new work in progress. Don't worry all will be added. I just draw the new page
  • Hi, Yes many things you said are planned, like scanned emails notifications and other things. I will add options to enable/disable features and on activation other options will be given. Feel free your thoughts here. In fact I saw a more advanced ap…
  • Hi @feo, I will finally use my current layout to speed up development. I add your fields and based on repair type some field will be hidden or shown. Not working yet, but just to show you I work on it. Connect and open this link http://pro.mmanager…
  • That's great .Thank you. I've sent some cofee for the start. How else would you have the energy to work? haha, thanks @feo, I start ASAP. stay tuned !
  • Hi, Thanks for posting details here. I have looked your laboplus home page and I think it will be better to build a custom module to handle all details. I will build it.
  • Hi @feo, Thanks for posting your request. I value all real users input. As I told you, I did already such a feature. I have to do some adjuments and should be ok. Please log in to the dev server at with default credentials ad…
  • Hi @area97 , Just pushed first steps of your request. Let me know what you think. Thanks Eric
  • Hi @demlasjr, For the backup feature, make sure the system() function is not disabled on your server. I use a basic command 'system("mysqldump -h $dbhost -u $dbuser --password=$dbpass $dbname | gzip > $backupfile");' Which logo do you want to ed…
  • Hi mate, I am done with your request. Just need to refine code, add validations, check if same client, add css and display data on invoice. But core function are done. You can test and play with it on dev server here; url = …


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