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Hello m'Managerians !
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Add Spanish invoices with IRPF fee and special regime fee "recargo de equivalencia"

edited August 3 in Features Request
1) In Spain, if you make an invoice for a company or another self-employed, you need to include IRPF fee discount into the invoice, which the receiver need to pay in your name to the social services. You don't need to apply IRPF if you make an invoice to a final user.
More information here:
Total invoice = 500 € (to pay without taxes) + 21% IVA (taxes) = 105 euros - 7% IRPF = 42,35 euros
TOTAL to pay = 500 + 105 – 42,35 = 562,65 euros

2) Also, there is another fee which comes as surcharge for IVA tax, which is applied only in some cases depending on the type of business.
More information here:
Total invoice = 500 € (without taxes) + 21% IVA (taxes) + 5.2% (recargo de equivalencia) = 636,46 euros

3) In case there need to apply both IRPF and surcharge, the IRPF will be deduced last, just like:
Total invoice = 500 € (to pay without taxes) + 21% IVA (taxes) + 5.2% (recargo de equivalencia) = 636,46 euroes - 7% IRPF = 591,90 euros

Also will love to see it on Reports page, just like SALE TAX button.

Really sorry, but in Spain we have a lot of taxes and practicaly this system doesn't work without all this fields shown on the invoice, when applied (as I said, not always should be applied).

I even pay more to have this ones.

Thank you.


  • Hi,
    Thanks for all these details and links. I think the easiest way will be to add custom fields for taxes. I just received a email from Canada where 2 taxes are applied according to customer address.

    I will look this for the next release.
    You can follow development here / email: / pwd: 123456789

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