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Hello m'Managerians !
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Taxable amount

Just get phone from my accountant from an invoice with 2 different VAT Rates 21% and 6%

She said that i need to add taxable amount.
Not vat 6% and 21% under the subtotal, but the total VAT from 6 and 21

So the products total amount from vat 21 needs be calculated together and not with 6% included.

The Tax Total 21 and 6% needs to be calculated togheter.

So example what she means
Total excl.vat =
VAT Rate % - Taxable amount - Total VAT 6%
VAT Rate % - Taxable amount - Total VAT 21%
Total Amount =

Is this possible?
the taxable amount have to show total amount from products with 6% and 21%
3 products from 10€ with 21% = total excl.vat = 30€
3 products from 5€ with 6% = total excl.vat = 15€

Hope you understand a bit what i mean?


  • edited August 2

    In the first row you see the %Vat group from 0 - 6 - 21 and intra (export not needed)
    Second row is taxable amount from the Vat Group = Total from each vat group
    3th row is the VAT amount from the Vat group.

    At the end than you have subtotal with all vat groups (excl vat-) or Total Taxable amount and below the total Vat amount and below the total price to pay.

    Hope you understand a bit.
    Sended a mail also to you with invoice example.

  • Hi HeyrmannD,
    Thanks for posting. We rent a small house to spend time near the sea, but a storm puts down all the internet and phone system. So I need to go 8 km to send sms :-)
    I will be back on Saturday and finish the code. Thanks
  • Hi HeyrmanD,
    Thanks for your patience. Please send me now a copy of your custom pdf layout and I will add new variables.
    Thanks, I am waiting
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