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more info about clients stored

edited June 2017 in Features Request

Hi author! Would you consider giving the ability to store more info on “clients” tab…like “add notes” (editable & delible) – with a searchable header tag -body (for notes) and timestamp (date created or last modified)?

As an example..there is a case (web page development) where i need to store info about
header tag = "info"
body = "picked hosting with username and password for me and client"
plus some other notes like
header tag = "DANGER"
body = ...he caused a lot of trouble since his wife didn't approve the final design we both came up to...and i had to do it again from scratch.....should make sure i talk to mrs Client next time FIRST!

So i enter "clients" and i see a tab with notes where there are 2 now like INFO with "zero day" timestamp and DANGER with "plus from zero day" timestamp**** which (in case there were a lot more than 2) i can search with header tag, edit (timestamp changes to last modified) or delete.



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