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Hello m'Managerians !
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Option to save products on invoice or not!

Hello Eric

I have a question?
Now when i add invoice and added a product in the invoice it save the product in the products section.

Is it possible that when i add invoice and add manule products in invoice it dont save the product?
Example: i like to make invoice form proforma form other webshop.
So now i need to add products but there i add now Proforma and number from other webshop.
But it register also now the proforma as a product.

I dont want, can this been changed.
So only when i register a product in the product section that need to be a product, also for stock manager.
When i add manuel some items, not product related in the invoice, dont register the product in the product section.

I'm using WHCMS for hosting and have like i want.
Create proforma with custom products but dont add to the products.


  • Hi HeyrmanD,
    Here is a quick option before an option to save or note. You will need to do the same for Invoices / and Quotes modules
    Open application/modules/invoices/controllers/Ajax.php and locate this portion in create_invoice() or create_quote() functions

    // Since 1.5 Add Item to database if not found in autocomplete
                for($i = 0; $i < $items_num; $i++){
                    if ( !item_exists($item_name[$i]) )
                        $new_item_array = array(
                            'sku' => null !== $item_sku[$i] ? $item_sku[$i]: generate_sku(),
                            'group_id' => 0,
                            'name' => $item_name[$i],
                            'price' => $item_price[$i],
                            'user_id' => $m->getUserID()
                        if ($this->input->post('invoice_id'))
                            $new_item_array['user_id'] = $this->input->post('user_id');
                        $this->load->model('products/products_model', 'items');

    You can chose to comment out this code or remove it.
    Let me know

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