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Stock Management !!!


Hi Managerians,

Stock management is (almost) here ! Before css and live tests, here is the logic.
- You will be available to set a purchase price and initial stock while recording items. Normally these values shouldn't be editable because they will be used to compute the stock valuation when damage occurs or lost etc.
- Anytime you record a invoice, items are committed, reserved and decremented from stocks. If the invoice is cancelled, they will be reverted back in the stock.
- When a invoice is paid, items are recorded in "Ordered" section.
- The available field compute Committed items & Ordered. These fields can not be editable.
- To allow stock movement, entry and removal, only the On Hand stock field is editable.
- You can also set a Reorder Point and get notified when stock reaches that number.

If you have better thoughts about the logic, please post here. Let's build together a better and Great App !



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    Thanks for this request. I will work on it. Stay tuned !

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    That looks great the idea is that everything is much more practical and that when adding the products is very simple.

    You know what aspect can be improved, the massive import of products in the excel file, I do not know if by visualization issues it is especially possible to make the document with the fields more orderly ?. There are many customers who do not like to load product by product, prefer to load them all from an excel file.

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