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Stock Management !!!


Hi Managerians,

Stock management is (almost) here ! Before css and live tests, here is the logic.
- You will be available to set a purchase price and initial stock while recording items. Normally these values shouldn't be editable because they will be used to compute the stock valuation when damage occurs or lost etc.
- Anytime you record a invoice, items are committed, reserved and decremented from stocks. If the invoice is cancelled, they will be reverted back in the stock.
- When a invoice is paid, items are recorded in "Ordered" section.
- The available field compute Committed items & Ordered. These fields can not be editable.
- To allow stock movement, entry and removal, only the On Hand stock field is editable.
- You can also set a Reorder Point and get notified when stock reaches that number.

If you have better thoughts about the logic, please post here. Let's build together a better and Great App !


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