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Hello m'Managerians !
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PDF name bug

The invoices get two different names when using different ways to send.

When using the list and action style to send invoice it gets the name: invoiceprefix-invoicenumber.pdf
When sending from the edit invoice page (notify directly) the name is pdf.PDF


  • edited July 18
    Hi @SurinP3 ,

    Thanks for reporting. You can fix it right now before the next update. Open application>modules>Invoices>Controllers>Ajax.php
    and update these lines. Or search send_email.

    send_email($to, $message, $subject, null, $client_cc, FCPATH.'uploads/pdf/invoices/'.$invoice_number.'.pdf');

    send_email($to, $message, $subject, null, $client_cc, FCPATH.'uploads/pdf/invoices/'.$invoice_number.'.pdf',get_option('invoice_prefix').invoice_number_format() . sprintf("%04s", $invoice_number).'.pdf');

  • The same applies for quotes and orders. Already fixed for next release.
  • I'll wait for next upgrade, thanks.
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