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Hello m'Managerians !
What do you think m'Manager 2.0 should be ? What features SHOULD or MUST be implemented right now ! Request or Vote here

Add Items serial number field in invoices

I will love to see serial number field in invoices for products which have warranty and serial number.


  • Hi,
    Thanks for this. I will add option on items tab.
  • I see that the request has been completed.

    However, my suggestion is to:

    1) make a way to search in invoice list using the serial number of one product
    2) There will be more products with same SKU and/or name, make a way to add multiple serial numbers. For example, one product name may have 100 products with 100 serial numbers. Right now, I have to create 100 different products instead of 1 product with multiple serial numbers. This will be way a time waster and database mess too.'re the boss!
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